Natalie is a versatile performer based in Bristol who, ever since she was a small child, loves performing. Whether it was with choirs, dance shows, or even as part of her dad’s big band, she has taken every opportunity to develop her talents as a performer. Having studied Dance and Musical Theatre at London’s highly respected Urdang Academy, where she graduated with a Degree with Honours, Natalie is now about to embark on a fulltime career on the big stage. With a love of all types of music, from the Musical Theatre classics, through to Jazz, Big Band, and Pop, Natalie is sure to always hit the right note with any audience. Since graduating Natalie has had the pleasure of performing at Disneyland Paris and working as a supporting artist for a number of television productions, and luckily for us amid her busy schedule she finds time to perform ‘Mini Concerts’ for us.

Mini Concerts are one hour long sessions where Natalie performs a selection of classic songs, and talks to the residents about her training, past shows, and what it’s like to be a young performer today. The music is specially chosen for the occasion, and ranges from classic tunes from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, songs from the musicals, and even one or two more contemporary songs that have already become classics.

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