Here are answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions…

What equipment will you bring with you?

You’ll be pleased to know that our performers prefer to travel light!
They usually only bring with then a small amplifier and a microphone, some also like to bring microphone and music stands, and a few their own stool.

What will you need us to supply?

They will need easy access to a 240 volt electrical power socket, one which is preferably no more than a couple of meters away from where you would like them to perform.

How much do you charge?

We understand how difficult it is to find funds for extras such as entertainment, so with that in mind we try to keep our charges to a minimum. The fees for a typical one hour performance usually ranges from between £50 and £70, dependent on location and audience numbers, but this is always agreed before the confirmation of any firm booking. From time to time we do run seasonal promotions that reduce these charges by up to 20%, but these are offered on a first come first served basis, so keep an eye out for our Facebook announcements and promotional leaflets.

How and when do I have to pay?

Payment can be made either by cash or bank transfer, and is expected in full on the day of the performance. If you would like to pay by an alternative method, for example by cheque or payment on account, then please contact us on 0203 095 4910 to discuss this at least 7 days before the date of your concert.

Can we book more than one performer, or have a ‘Mini Concert’ that lasts for more than one hour?

We aim to please, and of course we will always do our best to provide a ‘Mini Concert’ that is perfect for your residents. To discuss the possibility of a bespoke ‘Mini Concert’ please call us on 0203 095 4910 and we’ll try to help.

Can we choose our performer?

Although we would always do our best to fulfil such request, we are always at the mercy of logistics, including the study and performance schedules of the young performers. Many of our performers tend to perform their ‘Mini Concerts’ in different areas of the country at different times of the year, dependant on university, college, and drama school term times. However, bar unforeseen circumstances and, of course, existing bookings, if a performer has advertised in your area then they are available to book.

What are the rules for ‘Socially Distanced’ Mini Concerts?

We do have a few simple rules that you will need follow on the day of your concert. These are:

The performer should at no point be required to enter the home before, during, or after the performance.

A domestic power point, typically from an extension lead, should be accessible to the performer without them having to come within 2 metres of a staff member or resident. The performer will supply a suitable RCD to ensure their own safety.

If possible a parking space should be made available as close to the area in which they will be expected to perform as possible to reduce the number of journeys that the performer may need to make whilst setting up their equipment.

For your residents’ and staff’s protection we ask that all audience members remain a minimum of two metres away from the performer, and that the event is staffed appropriately to ensure this is maintained at all times.

All our performers are required to respond to a health check questionnaire the morning of each performance day, and based on this we reserve the right to substitute a performer at our discretion or, where no substitute replacement is available, as a last resort cancel the show.

These rules are for the safety of your staff, the residents, and our performer, and as such are non negotiable.

I have another question that’s not listed here?

Please feel to ask me anything you like by clicking on the ‘CONTACT US’ link above.

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