Rules for ‘Socially Distanced’ Mini Concerts

We do have a few simple rules that you will need follow on the day of your concert. These are:

The performer should at no point be required to enter the home before, during, or after the performance.

A domestic power point, typically from an extension lead, should be accessible to the performer without them having to come within 2 metres of a staff member or resident. The performer will supply a suitable RCD to ensure their own safety.

If possible a parking space should be made available as close to the area in which they will be expected to perform as possible to reduce the number of journeys that the performer may need to make whilst setting up their equipment.

For your residents’ and staff’s protection we ask that all audience members remain a minimum of two metres away from the performer, and that the event is staffed appropriately to ensure this is maintained at all times.

All our performers are required to respond to a health check questionnaire the morning of each performance day, and based on this we reserve the right to substitute a performer at our discretion or, where no substitute replacement is available, as a last resort cancel the show.

These rules are for the safety of your staff, the residents, and our performer, and as such are non negotiable.